Hi! Ann-Marie here:)

I like ideas.

This site was originally meant to be a hub of sorts for my online activities and a host of full pieces of writing, but with the demands of university it turned into a collection of musings instead: a jumble of introspective ramblings, character sketches, and random thoughts. Then I thought it was time to start working towards the original purpose of having an online platform of my own, and so here we are!

I’ve some experience with copywriting and branding stuff as a rookie intern with design firm Geometria- so mood boards and the like. Check them out, they’re very cool. I’ve also done some author spotlight pieces for Publishizer, featuring David Abraham and Tim Stiffler-Dean, very interesting people with big stories to tell.  Previously, I’ve also contributed to the newsletter of the awesome organisation that is Clarity, which supports people with mental health issues in all possible aspects. With the Singaporean non-profit BLESS and their recent social movement Be A Giver, I helped with some copywriting- email blasts, newsletters and the occasional Facebook post.

Right now, I’m looking at incentive structures. How do you foster collaboration, how do you design behaviour?

Currently in reading and researching mode, but I want to get around to writing about this ASAP.