No need to get all the details of my story straight after all

I used to rip out pages from my diaries. Entries that I thought were too embarrassing, filled with things I couldn’t bear to read again. I didn’t like thinking of the fact that I had once been a person who harboured such thoughts in her head, no. Into the bin they went.

I also deliberated for a long time over the question of whether to delete all my old posts, which contain thoughts and sentiments which I may or may not still identify with. The person I am right now would not write those very same things. But perhaps that’s the whole point- these words from the past capture states of mind I was in across the passing of a few years. I don’t have to relentlessly go over everything, all the bits of pieces, and edit for accuracy. “This reflects what I thought at that point in time, and I may have slightly changed since.” > I’ve learnt to appreciate this for what it is, and my past selves for who they were. Right, who am I kidding! Am still trying to learn. It’s always a process.