Happiness is not the End Goal but a by-product

For reference, from Lifehacker which features a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

“Happiness Is Not a Goal, It Is a By-Product” by Thorin Klosowski

We often think that happiness is something we achieve, but as Eleanor Roosevelt reminds us, happiness is something that happens when we do everything else right.

In her book, You Learn by Living, Roosevelt outlined her view on happiness:

Happiness is not a goal, it is a by-product. Paradoxically, the one sure way not to be happy is deliberately to map out a way of life in which one would please oneself completely and exclusively. After a short time, a very short time, there would be little that one really enjoyed. For what keeps our interest in life and makes us look forward to tomorrow is giving pleasure to other people.

It’s a nice reminder that if your goal is just to be happy, you might want to think about what it takes to actually get there.

And Relevant Magazine’s‘s Happiness is Not the Goal : Why the first step towards true happiness might just be to stop prioritizing it.

Happiness cannot be our life center. Unstable and unreliable. It’s fickle; feelings fluctuate and what gives us feelings of elation may not contribute towards a well lived life. Ironically, the more one chases happiness, the more happiness can elude.

A comment in Relevant Magazine also stated, “Lovely read. The gospel makes it ok, to not be ok.” We have this  pressure to BE HAPPY every moment of our lives, and when we aren’t, there’s obviously something wrong with us. We then fret and worry about why we aren’t happy when we are SUPPOSED TO be happy, and it goes on. For this quote, the purpose of life lies in the gospel, and life’s road may or may not be happy. If one’s purpose lies in helping others, or attaining nation-wide peace, happiness is gained because of the the sense of fulfilment you get by working for the greater good. Suffering may abound along the way but the unhappy times are accepted with grace. Everything seems really roundabout, but there is a difference.